Invigorate the inside of your home with Granite Transformations in Cheltenham

You can completely alter the interior of your kitchen or bathroom when you install a brand new work surface, new form of tiling or a set of replacement cabinet doors from Granite Transformations. We strongly believe that everyone should have the chance to refresh their home without breaking the bank and you can do exactly that by improving your existing set-up with fresh coverings; a far more affordable alternative to starting from scratch. Tile, counter and cabinet surfaces can all be refaced in a range of different styles and colours to help give them a renewed aesthetic appeal. We have designs to suit even the most discernible tastes. Prepare to fall in love with kitchen and bathroom living all over again when you improve, not remove.

The top that fits on top

There are few product offerings on the home improvements market as unique or revolutionary as ‘the top that fits on top’. Its depth consists of just a quarter of an inch (6.7mm) and due to the lightness of the agglomerate materials used to put it together, can easily be fitted onto any existing worktops you have that could do with a makeover. Bathroom tiles and wall cladding can just as easily be improved following a comprehensive refacing.

One of the major attributes it has compared to many other work surfaces is that it needs very little care and attention when it becomes wet. Any stains or spillages can easily be cleaned up and will have zero effect on the covering’s appearance. It can even withstand knocks, burns, abrasions and cuts such is its proven durability. How does it manage to do this? Partly because it is predominantly made up of recycled raw materials and partly because of the severe testing it undergoes beforehand.

For the amount they cost you really couldn’t wish for a more stylish set of work surfaces. ‘The top that fits on top’ is fast growing in recognition worldwide due to its affordability and elegance. And for added peace of mind we supply each worktop with a lifetime warranty. It really is the future of contemporary kitchen and bathroom design.