Transform your kitchen space into a luxury haven

You will hardly believe your eyes when you see the impact that our work surfaces can have on your kitchen, justifying any decision not to go ahead with the expense involved in an entirely new design. The ease and quickness with which all our worktops, replacement doors and splashbacks can be fitted, factoring in their low-cost, makes them an essential new addition to your home.

Persisting with the same dated look can leave your kitchen looking tired and lacking in inspiration. A Granite Transformations makeover will revitalise it in an instant.

Waterfall ends will give your kitchen, namely your cabinets, added aesthetic quality. As will a colourful set of glass mosaic tiles in the form of splashbacks when applied to kitchen walls. We leave nothing to chance!

  • Give your kitchen a creative edge

    ‘Slender’ is just one word you could use to describe our work surfaces but if you want something of a greater depth then you only have to ask. We can extend edging to meet with your approval and lengthen worktops so that they sit comfortably with your existing units.

    If you require worktops in a certain shape then you we can cater for that too. Our fabricating team create a personalised surface just for you. 

  • Far lighter than natural or engineered stone

    Just because our work surfaces weigh a fraction of the weight of natural or engineered stone doesn’t mean that their performance suffers as a result. A highly sophisticated production process is undertaken to ensure that they offer strength and sturdiness. It also makes them by far the best alternative to what you currently have.

    The relative weightlessness of what we create also makes the installation procedure far easier than that you would associate with a heavier material. 

  • An immeasurable level of performance

    What’s the key constituent that makes each of our quartz, granite and recycled work surfaces so incredibly tough? High grade polyester! Its inclusion ensures that it can withstand any weight placed upon it and any cosmetic damage such as that caused by stains, spills and scratching.

    Even a significant amount of heat will struggle to get the better of a Granite Transformations work surface. As proof of its ability to stand up to heat and weight we provide each individual design with a lifetime warranty.