Transform your kitchen space into a luxury haven

You will hardly believe your eyes when you see the impact that our work surfaces can have on your kitchen, justifying any decision not to go ahead with the expense involved in an entirely new design. The ease and quickness with which all our worktops, replacement doors and splashbacks can be fitted, factoring in their low-cost, makes them an essential new addition to your home.

Persisting with the same dated look can leave your kitchen looking tired and lacking in inspiration. A Granite Transformations makeover will revitalise it in an instant.

Waterfall ends will give your kitchen, namely your cabinets, added aesthetic quality. As will a colourful set of glass mosaic tiles in the form of splashbacks when applied to kitchen walls. We leave nothing to chance!

  • Add an edge to the kitchen

    What singles out our work surfaces from many others is how slender they are. The reason they’re so trim is so that they can easily be applied over any existing units. That doesn’t mean you cannot obtain thicker work surfaces from us because you can when you need them.

  • Lighter than you’d expect

    When you think of kitchen countertops you often anticipate that they will be heavy and it will require considerable effort to install them. That may be the case with some worktops, but not ours! A Granite Transformations worktop is incredibly light which makes the installation process amazingly simple.

    Some kitchen companies like to take their time, but we’re renowned for working quickly which is testament to our unique work surfaces.

  • High performance is standard

    The outstanding performance provided by our work surfaces can be put down to many things, including the high grade polyester incorporated into the design. This helps give them their unrivalled strength and ensures that they can repel the continuous heavy impact that most work surfaces are subjected to.

    You know that their performance must be of a sufficient standard when you get informed that we supply all work surfaces with a lifetime warranty.