Commercial Space Reimagined

Put your business on the front foot with a stylish work-space

Get your premises in perfect shape

To be successful in business it is important that your commercial space is up to scratch if you regularly invite customers and clients into your office.

The Products

Little disruption will be caused to the running of your business as our quartz and recycled glass worktops can be integrated into your commercial space in no time. You will also be pleased to hear that they’re heat-resistant, stain-resistant and scratch-resistant, so nothing will get the better of any countertop or splashback.

The Process

The environment is always first in our thoughts when we’re manufacturing our makeover solutions so that little harm is caused to the planet.

  • We have been responsible for makeover projects at several child-based locations as we are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality certified.
  • Our dedication to eco-friendly production methods qualifies us for LEED points which highlights our continued efforts to neglect natural resources for recycled materials when possible.
  • Most projects can be completely inside a day, so any disruption caused at your commercial space will be minimal.

The Perfection

A professionally designed work-space will reflect well on your business and that’s exactly what we specialise in creating. Granite Transformations Cheltenham will give you access to some of the most stunning makeover solutions you will ever have set your eyes on and they come available in a host of colours and styles. When you see how spectacular these products are it makes you shake your head when you discover that they have all been developed sustainably.

Our Benefits

How can you not be impressed by products that exhibit both stunning aesthetics and unrivalled functionality? Combining beauty with impressive functionality makes our work surfaces some of the most special worktops that you will find anywhere in the world. The difference they will make to your commercial space will be marked.

The fact that our worktops are also stain, scratch and heat-resistant should also appeal to business owners as we know how easily accidents in the workplace happen. They will remain looking in pristine condition for years and show off your premises in the most positive light imaginable. We have included ForeverSeal® in each worktop, a special sealing formula. Why have we done it? So that you never need to maintain or reseal the worktop and can get on with admiring it.

Here is a summary of the Product Advantages you can expect when purchasing a work surface from Granite Transformations Cheltenham:

  •        Scratch and stain-resistant
  •        Mould and mildew-resistant
  •        Fits over existing surfaces
  •        Fast, easy, no-mess installation
  •        Maintenance-free
  •        Easy to clean
  •        Surfaces never need sealing
  •        Lifetime Limited Warranty
  •        NSF certified
  •        Trained, professional installers
  •        Satisfaction 100% guaranteed